The Perfectionist


I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time, but the Perfectionist inside me insisted that I not begin until I was sure it would all be perfect.  After much debate and some serious fighting, I am sitting at my keyboard with a blank screen before me, trying not to listen to the muffled cries of the aforementioned Perfectionist.

It might be simpler if I personify this stressed individual, so I will refer to him henceforth as Mr P.

Mr P is a downright nuisance.  He is critical of everything and everybody.  He hates fun, lest it not be had correctly.  Spontaneity is permissible but can easily become the source of embarrassment or even self-loathing if he finds the outcome unacceptable.  It is possible to ignore him for periods of time but he can be very loud and persistent.  The balance of power changes frequently with him gaining strength whenever I am tired, sad or stressed.

So, I will not spend excessive amounts of time reading and re-reading what I write.  I will write from my heart and try not to listen to Mr P.  If you find a typo, I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!


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