Mostly Water


From childhood I felt that I was somehow ‘different’ from other people. Despite having people who loved me, life inside me was a very lonely place. I have learned that every person is unique, but that nothing in life impacts only one person and no characteristic belongs to only one person. There are others who feel the same way, think the same way, worry about the same things. No two people will have everything in common, but many people will have something in common. Although I still feel ‘odd’ much of the time, life is not quite so lonely today.

This space is about honestly exploring life.  I will write about anything related to life as I know it – from conception to eternity. If anything I say strikes a chord in you I would love to have your input  – even if you don’t agree with me  🙂

I hope that by my writing here someone will feel less like an alien; someone will be inspired; someone will be encouraged; and I will have a better idea of who I am and why I am here.

I could give all kinds of personal details, my hopes, my convictions, my likes and dislikes – and you would then be able to categorise me. So I’m not going to give such information here. I will simply describe myself as ‘mostly water’.


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