Danger: Keep Out


The sign on my mind reads:

‘Do not enter unless accompanied by a responsible adult’.

I forgot. I ran in without pausing to consider the possible consequences. Worse, I ran in alone.

I just spent a nightmare-ish few hours screaming through the dark corridors of my mind and trying to find the exit.

The labyrinth echoes with the voices whispering lies that are easier to believe than to ignore. They tell of how useless and pathetic I am; what a lousy mother; how the world would be a much better place without me around to clutter it up.

I really need to find a less terrifying retreat.

And I really need to find some earplugs.


One thought on “Danger: Keep Out

  1. shuggie

    I feel like that sometimes. I used to listen to music on my ipod when I went out for walks but switched to podcasts and audiobooks because music wasn’t distracting enough and my mind had a habit of getting into these horrible loops that I couldn’t get out of. I used to think that I was lacking something as a person that I couldn’t just be alone with my thoughts without it going in a negative direction. I guess I still feel that but I’m realistic enough to know that I need to take sensible precautions.

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