Someone Likes Reading My Blog


A few days ago, I was absolutely gobsmacked to find a comment from ‘Z’ at I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens letting me know that she was passing on to me The Quartet of Radiance Award.

As suggested by the word ‘quartet’, this is made up of FOUR awards:

1)  The Influential Blogger Award


2)  The Awesome Blog Content Award


3)  The Inner Peace Award


4)  The Sunshine Award




  • Thank the person who gave this award to you.
  • Describe yourself with the alphabet.
  • Pass the award to others.



An A to Z of Me:

Alcohol – something I must not have
Bible – more than just a book to me
Chilli – improves almost any meal
Derbyshire – the English county I love
Exercise – a new discipline for me
Family & Friends – precious, special, individuals
Gammon – which is really NOT the same as Pickled Pork
Honesty – something I rate incredibly highly
Introvert – something I am starting to understand about myself
Jesus Christ – Very Important Person
Kathmandu – amazing place I want to revisit one day with my kids
Laugh – it keeps you healthy
Mother – gone but never forgotten
NaNoWriMo – one day I will do this….
Ocarina – I have one and used to be able to play it
Pedantic – many many times I have been called this
Queensland – Beautiful one day, perfect the next
Rejection – my greatest fear
Santa Claus – don’t even get me started on this scarlet imposter!!
Teenagers – I really wish they could be human all of the time
Umbrella – never go out without one and you’ll never need one
Voyager – the best Star Trek series
Wireless Internet – a wonderful invention when it works
X-Husband – father to my girls
Young – at heart
Zizz – what I am going to do for a long time when I’ve finished here


Passing it on

I hope the following bloggers will accept their awards

I’m finding more and more blogs that I enjoy reading, but these are ones that I’ve followed for a while.

I hope you will pay them a visit – I love them all for different reasons 🙂

8 thoughts on “Someone Likes Reading My Blog

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens

    🙂 and loved the list.
    Especially the O for ocarina. OOOH I’m inspired to write a post about it now….there was once this lunchtime club…..(to be continued)

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