Experimental Exercise


A while ago I announced my intention to exercise regularly.  I managed to take the dog for three or four walks before the plan slowly ground to a halt

Fortunately, failure is never final.

Yesterday I discovered what looked like an amazing app for my iPod. The blurb described a basic 7 minute workout, which sounded like a time-commitment I might manage to keep up. No special equipment is needed, just a chair and a wall. It claimed to produce (most of) the effects of a one hour workout.

So, this morning I was laying in bed considering the possibility of breakfast and I thought for the sake of just seven minutes I would give exercise a try. All of the exercises are explained in words, diagrams and videos – so even I could understand what I was supposed to be doing.

I stood in the dining room in my night shirt and bare feet and pressed the button to start. The app times all of the exercises, telling you out loud exactly what to do, when and for how long.

Jumping Jacks illustrationThe first exercise was ‘Jumping Jacks’. This taught me the folly of trying to jump up and down vigorously in a state of semi-undressed-ness (or at least without a bra), for probably anyone over the age of about 16, and definitely for me. At least one of my arms, which were supposed to be above my head, was required to prevent parts of me from trying to slap my face. Note to self…..

I attempted all of the exercises with varying degrees of success and was very relieved that I was home alone.

After seven minutes I felt that I had more than earned my breakfast. This workout might be short on time, but I discovered muscles that have been resting since my last PE lesson at school many years ago. I also discovered that some muscles I thought might be resting may have actually given up waiting to be used, and gone walkabout.

This app will nag me if I don’t exercise. I find this motivating. Actually I find it annoying enough that I will do almost anything to stop the nagging. For the sake of seven minutes this might actually get me moving on a regular basis.

If anyone is interested, the app is called 7 minute workout.

My initial target is to perform any one of these exercises as described in the instructions….. something I did not manage to achieve this morning.


3 thoughts on “Experimental Exercise

      • Okay, it took me weeks for the wall sit – what I thought was going to be the easiest thing in the world about killed me! Now, I do the wall sit when I brush my teeth, I usually make it a minute and a half before I have to spit, but that little bit every day makes a difference! Oh – and the push ups with twist? Yeah, not happening!! I just go back and do another plank! So, I do modify, but try to keep the same intensity!

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