Exercising with Queeg


You may remember the episode of Red Dwarf where Queeg forces Rimmer to exercise. Rimmer, being a hologram supported by the ship’s computer system, is powerless to resist. His arms and legs exercise without any consultation with his brain. Poor Rimmer faints after the first 500 yards of jogging and is forced to run a further 2.5 miles while unconscious.


Today was my first day of paid employment since December (when I became a victim of budget cuts).

So this morning I was out of bed at sparrowfart and did my 7 minute workout almost immediately. I couldn’t help but think of Rimmer as I exercised in my sleep, mindlessly obeying the demands of the voice coming from my iPod. I watched myself do the entire routine without actually waking up and was amazed to note that I actually managed to do two of the exercises as instructed and for the requisite amount of time.

Did you read that? I did TWO exercises properly and for long enough. Now THAT is progress 🙂





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