Damp Day


The CreekNo coat.

No umbrella.

Fifteen minutes to walk from car to work.

I get out of the car and the rain begins.

Footbridge over the creek



Pretty walk.





Not a lot of people around.

Despite the lack of available car parking spaces.

I guess they had all parked and gone to work already.

This was about 8am.



It wasn’t all flat so I didn’t miss out on exercise just because I skipped my 7 minute workout.

I skipped it partly because I’m lazy and partly to help in my attempt at being early enough to find a car parking space. Yesterday morning took a long time and I had to walk for half an hour between car and work.

Multi-storey car parkI know it looks like there are empty parking spaces on the road, but they are two-hour parking so that was no good to me.

There is also a multi-storey car park but it costs more than $20 for the day. Where I parked was free.

Unfortunately this was a temporary job and my services are no longer required.

It was fun while it lasted.


3 thoughts on “Damp Day

  1. shuggie

    Nice to see some pictures. I’ve got a few rainy day pictures that I really like. Shame about the job but I’m sure you’ll get something else.

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