More than cash…


Love Heart

Dear Daughter-Number-1

I can hardly believe how much you’ve grown – it seems like only yesterday you were a baby in my arms, and now you are suddenly 15 years old. Not quite a woman but no longer a child.

There wasn’t enough money to do much for your birthday this year and I am so happy that you understood this and appreciated what little you received. Your cheerful acceptance made me consider the person you are growing into and I wanted to put some of this into words. I know that you will value this more highly than cash because it contains my heart.

When you were tiny I looked at you and saw hope for your future; dreams of the person you might become. Now I look at you and see the embodiment of those hopes and dreams. It doesn’t all look exactly the way I imagined but it delights me to see you blossoming into your own unique self.

I am in awe of the beautiful young woman you are growing into, one whose beauty is not only seen on the outside but also shining from within. You are incredibly logical and often use that logic to help others see things more clearly. You are fiercely loyal to those you call ‘friend’. You keep your promises even when it is hard for you to do so. Your commitment to truth is steady even though sometimes it brings pain for yourself or others.

You are not perfect but you tend to see your faults far more clearly than anyone else. You are your worst critic. You are honest and analytical enough to see where you need to work on yourself and you are doing your best to do that. Try not to overly concern yourself with what others think of you – what they think of you is their own business!

I see your relationship with God and how personal and precious that is to you. I am grateful to God that he has you in His hand and is shaping you into the person He wants you to become. The chipping-off of corners is not pleasant but the results are always worth the pain. Your willingness to accept His correction and discipline is something I see and admire; I wish I were always as willing!

I would love the opportunity to give you a birthday gift of the lessons I have learned and the mistakes I have made. Making your own path and your own mistakes is something I know you have to do, though it will be painful for me to watch you make some of the same mistakes as I have made and repeat hard lessons for yourself.

Remember as you continue your journey to maturity that I will always love you. There is nothing that you can say or do to change my love for you. Whether I agree or disagree with your choices, I will still love you. Whether you want to talk to me or not, I will always be here to listen. Whether the door to your room is open or closed to me, the door to my room will always be open to you. Whatever your mood and whatever my mood – I love you. Even at those times when I don’t especially like you, I love you. Even during those ‘teenager’ moments 🙂

I could sit here all night and say more, but it will probably be more of the same. You know that I can repeat myself over and over…..

Happy Birthday – I love you,
Mum xx


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