Midnight Thoughts About DIY…..


Turps and Glue

  1. Arriving home at 10pm with some excess energy, does not necessarily make it a good time to start fixing things.
  2. Items of clothing that you are hoping to wear again sometime, may not be ideal DIY attire.
  3. Glue marked ‘High Strength’ might stick things better than you think it will.
  4. Something that claims to bond surfaces in 2-5 minutes, may not actually take that long.
  5. Skin is a surface.
  6. Clothing that you are hoping to wear again, is a surface.
  7. Before using High Strength adhesive, read the small print.
  8. If small print states ‘avoid contact with skin’, see points 3, 4 & 5.
  9. If small print states that turps is required for clean up, it may mean that water won’t do the job.
  10. Ensure that you have everything you need for this project before you begin.
  11. If turps is required, it is advisable to find the long-lost bottle before doing practical research into points 3, 4 & 5.
  12. Before using turps to clean up the items of clothing you are hoping to wear again, it might be a good idea to Google the small print if it isn’t on the bottle.
  13. If it suggests testing a small area of the clothing for colour fastness, you may wish to do this.
  14. If it says ‘blot, do not rub, and use sparingly’, this might mean that pouring turps onto the clothing item and giving it a good scrub isn’t really the way to go.
  15. The sweet aroma of turps on ones hands is not generally used to promote good sleep.

And finally – a point not directly connected to the previous points – not yet anyway…

  1. Fabric dye is not easy to purchase late on Sunday evenings – at least not where I live.